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Chartism Demystified

Technical analysis of chart patterns is so popular today, it’s hard to remember the scorn heaped on it by my professors at business school. This condescending remark is from Benoit Mandelbrot. Yes, the same Mandelbrot who discovered fractal scaling. The … Continue reading

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Robots Strike Again

I posted about this a few weeks ago, and now Twitter has supplied another example: This trader would still be in a not bad position but, once his stop was triggered, he got hosed for a $2.41 loss.  Nothing is … Continue reading

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Missed My Stop

A funny thing happened yesterday.  I was reviewing my positions, and my system told me I was stopped out of GME with a loss of 0.4%.  “Oh, no I am not,” I replied, “I am still in it, and it’s … Continue reading

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Momentum Trading

I have been trying to quantify my momentum trading strategy.  Mean reversion pays the bills, but I am still an “IBD style” trader at heart.  That may sound crazy to you, given the subjectivity, and that’s why I am doing … Continue reading

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