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QE Bulls Are Back

If you follow the market every day, as I do, you can observe two distinct groups of bullish investors.  This is hard to depict on a chart, but I am going to try.  One group responds normally to economic news, … Continue reading

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Levy Dispersion Update

I watch $OEXA200R on Stockcharts, which says that 74 of the S&P 100 are trading above their respective 200 day moving averages.  It is generally considered a bad idea to go long when this figure is below 65, or in … Continue reading

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Correlation with Bond Yields

Hat tip to Gökhan Kula for sending this along.  For the few years I have been trading, bond yields have been strongly correlated with stocks.  Stocks go up when bonds go down, so much so that I regard SPY and … Continue reading

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Portfolio Balancing Models

Part one in a series When you read about portfolio management, the emphasis is typically on selecting issues for diversification – an inflation hedge, real estate, bonds, etc.  The allocation of capital within the portfolio is then revised periodically (rebalanced) … Continue reading

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