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Head and Shoulders Live Data Exercise

In my first post here, I described the “head and shoulders” pattern as a simple arc obscured by some oscillation.  This week, Twitter is starting to see the pattern in major indexes, so I thought I would do the exercise … Continue reading

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Profiting from Volatility

I have spent the past few days testing the Connors RSI pullback strategy.  It performs very well with certain issues and certain timeframes.  My objective was to find settings that I could use for everyday trading, and I was particularly … Continue reading

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Negative Feedback Gauges and Gates

I read someone today who said that we are all wrong about rising rates being bad for housing.  Everyone else is worried that if the Fed tapers, mortgage rates will rise and choke off the housing rebound.  As of today, … Continue reading

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Head and Shoulders Pattern

For my inaugural post, I would like to discuss the venerable “head and shoulders” pattern.  You have probably seen this pattern before.  The example below is made-up data, but it has the familiar features – a head, shoulders, neckline, and … Continue reading

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